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English Topiaries 
14 Styles

Animals and Figures
150  Styles 

How to Create a Topiary

Sphagnum Moss
Sheet Moss

Select a Category

Angel Cupid Fox Monkey People Snowman Water Bird
Basket Candelabra Frog Mouse Pig Sphere
Bear Deer Gator Mushroom Rino Squirrel
Bunny Dog Goose Music Rooster Swan
Butterfly Dinosaur Giraffe Owl Seagull Star
Cat Dolphin Heart Peacock Shoe Teapot
Chair Duck Horse Penguin Shorebird Turkey
Cow Elephant Kangaroo Pelican Snail Turtle

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ch5600.jpg (3467 bytes)

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Small Angel 12" H Large Angel 20" H Angel Fish 24" H Arch Angel 18" H

T103.jpg (1716 bytes)

B105.jpg (3755 bytes)

T102.jpg (1983 bytes)

topiary rabbit sitting.jpg (52270 bytes)
Crouching Bunny 9" H

Bunny Basket
14" H

 Standing Bunny 17 in. H Standing Bunny  Example

m104.jpg (1489 bytes)

m104.jpg (1489 bytes)

m104.jpg (1489 bytes)

ecg07.jpg (85471 bytes)

Miniature Bunny
6" H

Mini Bunny
8" H
13" H

Bunny Example

T104.jpg (2986 bytes) T104.jpg (2986 bytes) ecg04.jpg (70555 bytes) S103.jpg (5075 bytes)
Small Garden Bunny
18" H
Large Garden Bunny
30" H
Garden Bunny

Bunny Silhouette
21" H

T106.jpg (5540 bytes) T106.jpg (5540 bytes) T106.jpg (5540 bytes) T106.jpg (5540 bytes)
Small Cross-Legged Bunny 12" H Large Cross- Legged Bunny 36" H Large Cross- Legged Bunny Ears Forward 15" H (See Example) Large Cross- Legged Bunny Ears Forward
18" H (See Example)
ecg06.jpg (68036 bytes) T105.jpg (2574 bytes) T105.jpg (2574 bytes) B105.jpg (3755 bytes)
Cross Legged Bunny Example Small Hopping
  Bunny 15" H
Large Hopping
  Bunny 19" H

Bunny Basket
14" H