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Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jars are wonderful for adding a special accent to a counter, mantel, or table top. These are large, all glass, and beautiful. Create a "Terrarium" or fill your apothecary jar with your favorite collectables.  Sizes range from 7" to 27" tall.  

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Row 1

23" Apothecary Jar
French Style Drug Store
23 in. h x 9 in w)
Reg. $81.95 
Sale $61.95
17" Apothecary Jar

APO-G6206 $49.95


11" Glass Canister
(11" h x 5.5" d) 
APO-G6266 $29.95
Glass Vanity Canisters
Set of three
(6.5" h x 4.25" d)
(6" h x 5.5" d)
(5" h x 4.25" d) 
APO-G8115 $79.95

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 Row 2
10.25" Medium Etched Glass Lidded Jar
(10.25" h x 5" d) 
APO-9866 $49.95
Etched Glass Diamond Cut Lidded Jar
(6.5" h x 3.5" d) 
APO-9860 $29.95